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Getting a free Windows virtual machine from Microsoft

Microsoft offers free Windows virtual machine images for testing Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. While their licenses expire after 90 days of use, by creating a snapshot before activation, they can easily be reset again. This is the easiest way to get your needed Windows environment up and running quickly for testing purposes.


The available virtual machines can be downloaded on Microsoft's website. Get the "MSEdge on Windows 10" virtual machine for your desired VM platform. We describe the setup with VMWare on macOs, Windows and Linux, but you can use whatever VM platform you are familiar with.

The VMs are meant to be used for testing purposes only.

Default user and password

The VMs provided by Microsoft come with the following login credentials:

  • User: IEUser
  • Password: Passw0rd!

Note: VMs from Microsoft are set up with US-English keyboard layout. Therefore, the exclamation mark is triggered using Shift + 1.

If you want to change the password, see Change your Windows password (Windows Support).

Be sure to change the VM's keyboard layout to your preferred one as described here: How to change your keyboard layout (Windows Support).