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Internet Explorer 11 installation and configuration

Microsoft's legacy browser (and every serious web developers' longtime nemesis) Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) is not officially supported any more. See Edge for its successor.

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Internet Explorer 11 is already installed in Windows environments — even on Windows 10, where Edge is the default browser.

If needed, check out How to locate and open Internet Explorer in Windows 10 (Microsoft.com). Be sure not to accidentally mix up these two while developing and testing for accessibility!


Displaying relevant toolbars

Internet Explorer's menu "View -> Toolbars"

Make sure that in the menu, under ViewToolbars, at least the following items are selected:

  • Menu bar
  • Status bar
  • Web accessibility toolbar

If you do not see the menu, press the Alt key once.

Restoring tabs after restart

You may open and close browsers repeatedly during accessibility testing. To see how to configure IE11 to restore tabs upon restart, see Force Internet Explorer to restore last browsing session (TheWindowsClub.com).