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WAVE toolbar

WAVE toolbar gives you a very quick first impression about the quality of the current webpage's accessibility. At the press of a button, it provides visual cues by injecting icons and detailed information right into the page.

WAVE toolbar


Download WAVE Evaluation Tool for Chrom and install it.
Download WAVE Evaluation Tool for Firefox and install it.

Online service

Alternatively, instead of installing it, you can use WAVE's online service at wave.webaim.org.


Activate WAVE by clicking its symbol in the browser toolbar.

WAVE toolbar browser icon.

You will then see icons appear directly on the page. Click on them to get more details.

An error icon

The most interesting items are the red (error) and yellow (alert) ones.

Discretion advised

In general, be careful with the displayed results. Automated test tools are very limited and tend to display both false-positive as well as false-negative results.