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Contribute to this guide

This guide is the result of tight collaboration between accessibility experts and web developers. Its content by far is not exhaustive yet: there remain a lot of topics to talk about, and due to the fast evolution of web technologies, there certainly will always be.

We welcome everyone who wants to join our initiative, be it with adding new contents, fixing typos or bugs, etc.

Let us make the Internet a more accessible place together!

Discuss about accessibility and the guide

Come and join our Slack team or create an issue on GitHub.

Contribute code

Improve the guide by fixing bugs or adding code examples. The code is completely open-source and can be found on GitHub under Access4all/adg (GitHub.com).

We are happy about issues and pull requests. Please refer to our contribution guidelines: Access4all/adg/CONTRIBUTING.md (GitHub.com).

Share your knowledge

Help to improve the content of the guide by adding new chapters or improving existing ones. Join our Slack team to discuss about your contribution and how to send it in, create an issue or a pull request on our GitHub project Access4all/adg (GitHub.com) to show us your proposal directly.

Also, we appreciate if you found mistakes or outdated sections in the guide. Please let us know.

Meet us at our hackdays

We organise frequent gatherings (we call them "hackdays") to discuss the state of our guide, implement new content and examples, or take an in-depth look at an interesting accessibility question together. Join our Meetup.com group to get notified about upcoming events.

Share the guide and spread awareness

You can also contribute by spreading awareness about the topic to your fellow developers.

  • Share the guide on Twitter and other channels if you find it useful and want to give something back. We're also available on Twitter under @A11yDevGuide (Twitter.com) and on Facebook.
  • Talk about accessibility at your local meetup. Feel free to use the guide as resource. We appreciate every developer who is concerned about accessibility. Let us know so we can share your event.